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Days 37-38 Anakiwa to Pelorus Bridge

A nice easy enjoyable day today leaving Queen Charlotte sound on another misty moody morning. The tide was in along with a heap of jellyfish.

We stopped off for morning tea and coffee at the pub we’d been to the previous night. It would be a great spot in the sun and for upcoming festivals they hold.

We followed the link pathway the whole way skirting around the edges of Pelorus Sound.

It was mostly flat until the final hill into Havelock. Which was a lovely bush walk with great views. The hill had a very friendly gradient and wasn’t a problem at all.

There were dozens of slips along the way from the mid year storms that also closed the QCT. In fact this road has only recently been reopened. Still a heap of work to go to fully repair the road and link pathway.

We stayed in Havelock the night and had our first takeaway fish and chip meal. Yum. I’d been expecting we would have had this a lot more often before now, but we’ve been too well fed.

Flashest public toilets in NZ

Leading the way to our room

Day 38

On seeing that there is a good weather window from now till Thursday at least we thought it best to get into the Richmonds ASAP. So we hitched this linking section to Pelorus so we had time to collect our food parcel and other last minute preparations. It’s meant we’ve had a fairly relaxing day off our feet. We have done a few km of walking around our camp which has been bliss without a pack.

Amazing how kereru could hang on to small twig upside down

So there will be no more posts for the next 10 days or so until we are back out of the mountains. For safety though, we will be in daily contact with family via our plb. Prepare for mass postings when we exit into civilisation again.

Note: I am now on version 40 of the TA maps so the km markings have changed from previous map screenshots.

Day 37 ~ Walked 20 km, ~Start: Anakiwa ~ End: Havelock (km 1803)

Day 38 ~ Walked 21 km, ~Start: Havelock ~ End: Pelorus Bridge (km 1824)

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Nov 08, 2021

Good Luck for the next ten days !!


Julia Dolan
Julia Dolan
Nov 06, 2021

Looks to be a beautiful part of nz. Take care in the Richmonds and we look forward to reading all about it in about ten days 😀


Andrew Tokeley
Andrew Tokeley
Nov 06, 2021

Have fun in the Richmonds, am sure you will love it! Be good to create your own stories instead of reading everyone else’s!

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