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Days 31-33 Queen Charlotte track part 1

Saturday, day 31 was a relaxing day as our first rest day after nine days walking. We pretty much slept ate and did chores. Dave invited us for dinner and what a treat!! Crayfish - yum.

Sunday, day 32 we were up early and on the first ferry for the day. A beautiful calm day for sailing.

Picton was humming as it was a long weekend with Marlborough anniversary on the Monday. A beautiful spot for lunch to watch the world go by.

We spent the afternoon researching and planning our food drop for the upcoming Richmond ranges section. This is the hardest section of the TA and we’ll have to carry at least 10 days of food. It’s as hard as the Tararuas and twice as long. We are very daunted by it. Our preference is to walk ‘comfortable’ length days of around 5-6 hours and enjoy it along the way and have time to relax and look around at our destination. But we’re going to have to do at least 9 very full days of 9-10 hours in the Richmonds. I’m trying to tell myself we can do it and to not spend to much time worrying unnecessarily about future problems. Everything I’ve been scared or worried about to date we’ve handled with no issues so I’m sure the same will transpire in the Richmonds.

Day 33

We were dropped off by the water taxi at Ship Cove in the Marlborough Sounds. I was excited for this next few days walking. We’ve previously walked the track with family, and cycled it with friends, and also walked a small section earlier this year so we knew what we were in for.

It was cool and overcast to start with which was perfect for not overheating on the first climb of the day. The smells were intensified and I swear I smelt apple cinnamon pie the whole way.

The track is beautiful with vistas around every corner of inlets and coves. Once the sun came out the colours intensified. I particularly love the vivid blue water against the golden edges.

I felt fresh and energised after our rest days and with the beautiful track. Our packs felt heavy to start with as we’d spent our previous few days in Wellington ‘slackpacking’. That means essentially just carrying a day pack as we were able to leave the bulk of our stuff at Sophia’s each day. But we soon got used to the packs again.

The lodge staff made us feel like super fit athletes when we arrived. They were surprised how quick we’d got there and then they were panicking that our bags hadn’t come on the boat not realising we’d actually carried them ourselves! I guess our fitness is improving but I don’t really feel super fit yet. I’m always hanging out to arrive over the last few kms.

I had a relaxing lie in the hammock, soak in the spa, then shower before we went for drinks at the lodge.

Janet who we know and had bumped into in Picton the day before was there with her group so we joined them for a drink. They were all staying on a boat each night of the walk.

A nice dinner then stunning sunset.

Day 31-32 ~ Walked 0 km, ~Start: Wellington ~ End: Picton (km 1700)

Day 33 ~ Walked 17 km, ~Start: Ships cove ~ End: Furneaux lodge, Marlborough sounds (km 1717)

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Nov 03, 2021

Dave's Crayfish looked delicious ! Great that you're in the Sth Is. Very pleasant scenery. Loved the sunset.


Julia Dolan
Julia Dolan
Nov 02, 2021

Wow, looks like a tropical paradise down there! Which it would be here as well if it wasn't for the 45kph southeasterly!


Rhonda Scott
Rhonda Scott
Nov 02, 2021

Beautiful, I went to Shops Cove on a teachers college trip. Would love to go back and properly explore one day.

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