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Gerard’s summary

It took us 152 days of walking to complete this TA journey , starting end of September and finishing late March 2022. Travelling 3013ks.

Why did I do it, it wasn’t on my bucket list but I felt I should support my Jenny on her want to undertake this challenge.

Strangely I have enjoyed most of it, but not the sleeping in a tent that’s for sure. It was a simple life, you knew what to eat, wear and where you would stay the following night.

We feel that we live in a small country but when you start walking this country like we have then it isn’t so small. Thru the top of the South lsland you can walk for days and not see anyone or any sign of civilisation and what a beautiful part it is.

Has it changed me. I’m a bit lighter having lost some of my comfort layer. I’ll sleep an have a dump almost anywhere. Pretty happy I had to only dig 4 holes to💩in the whole journey, the rest of the time was long drops or toilets. Quite stressful having to dig and then aim while not wanting to loose balance. Not something I trained for.

Throughout our journey we have crossed paths with many people. The kindness and offers they have made were amazing. From a car ride to a harbour crossing to a bed for the night or a cup of coffee. These acts of kindness have all added to the memories we will keep with us. All these people are amazing and we both thank you for what you did for us.

To my beautiful wife. Thanks for taking me on your journey. Although I may have been grumpy sometimes it has shown me anything can be achieved. Your planning, dehydrated food and track navigation have made the journey enjoyable without getting lost.

But I’m glad we are going home to rest now an enjoy those comforts we gave up so long ago.

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1 Comment

Rhonda Scott
Rhonda Scott
Apr 16, 2022

Bet you're pleased to be back to the wine cellar.

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