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Gerard’s blog Whanganui to Wellington

Thanks to Grumps who dropped us off in Wanganui so we can get going again.

Not sure why but maybe the few days off and me changing shoes or was it the road walking but blisters have appeared. Shit they can be big too and uncomfortable to walk on but onwards we must go. Just pop the big one and tape and sheep’s wool for the others, thanks Alison.

A few more nights in the tent. You would think I would be getting use to it but must say sleeping is not the best so very happy for a normal bed when we can. We are learning each time on tent placement and will look to be further away from the streams as it can be a damp place to be.

This section we have had great trail angels to look after us, from our daughter Sophia in Wellington to Brian an Eileen in Wanganui and Darlene in Palmerston North. Special mention to Mike and Sue in Paekakariki and his morning porridge that’s a beauty.

Finally we got to walk thru some picturesque areas like along the beach at Paraparaumu/Raumati. Great to view what people have built along the beach front.

The escarpment track south of Paekakariki -

what a stunning track on a sunny day with trains wandering thru and a helicopter working along the track and the view to the South Island. I was like a kid in a candy shop I didn’t know which way to look. Both trains and helicopters fascinate me so I was in my element.

We skipped a section of the tararuas because of weather and will come back to that, so Darlene and her friend Margaret met us on the track and gave us a ride to Waikane . These two walked in for 4 hrs to meet us and then walked out with us in the rain too. Must say they are no sloughs when it comes to tramping. Bloody hell just about had to run to keep up.

Great feeling to cross paths with other TA walkers this section although they are heading north. Otherwise it’s a lonely journey for us.

So we can practically tick off this section of the track which makes us pretty happy.

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1 comentario

17 nov 2021

Good Stuff Gee - yep, trains & helicopters !!

Me gusta
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