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Gerard’s blog Auckland area. Puhoi pub to Mercer

Olivia has joined us at Orewa for a few days which is nice. As I wanted a rest day from the daily routine we stayed in Orewa for 2 nights.

Buggar I thought we had no river crossing this section but 2 popped their head up. One was walking around the cliffs by Waiwera and the other was crossing the Okura river by the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Bloody hell the river crossing was quite deep in parts as the water was chest high and going higher. For the river crossing Olivia had the joy of joining in. I wasn’t very happy possibly petrified when the water kept getting deeper as I tried to cross it and I started floating with my pack on. The girls could tell by the look on my face that I was a bit stressed. Anyway after walking up and down the side of the river we found a better spot to cross, just above waist height this time, thank goodness.

Nice to walk thru civilisation being the Auckland suburbs which allows us to have

a real bed each day, showers and clothes washing with real meals. To have this daily is a real treat indeed.

Great to also catch up with Max and Maree. Thanks Max for drops back on the trail after breakfast.

We walked some big days during this section with one day in particular being 30kms or about 44900 steps.

So this section started with a pub in Puhoi and it ends with a pub in Mercer.

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1 Comment

Jan 26, 2022

Good work Gee, great that you caught up with Max. Haven't seen them for ages.

End to End Beers - I like it !

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