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Days 124-125 Tekapo to Ohau

Day 124 ~ Cycled: 54 km ~ Start: Tekapo ~ End: Twizel (km 2,462)

This part of the trail requires us to bike unless we can walk big distances in a day (no!) or want to illegally camp (no). We were both excited about a couple of days biking to break up the walking and to get through a few km a bit quicker.

We met up with Grant for a coffee and to hand over our packs before meeting the cycle company to collect our bikes. It wasn’t going to be a long day cycling for us so we did one last look around Tekapo before getting going.

We left Tekapo following the Tekapo canal past power stations and weirs and overlooking the Tekapo river.

Patersons ponds

We saw a bunch of marino sheep running towards the river. Probably as one or two decided to have a drink and then the flock followed. But there wasn’t room for them to fit into the spot there and they came to an abrupt halt with still more running in. It was quite funny to watch.

Marino flock in camouflage

We came across a nobo walker (legend walking the distance!!) so we stopped to chat. As we were approaching he said “it’s wandering wells”. Avery had been following us on Instagram and expected to see us today. We had a great chat before he needed to get going with his long day.

By the time we got to the end of the canal and to Lake Pukaki the clouds had almost fully lifted from the mountains and we got the best views of Mt Cook.

Mt Cook at centre, fishermen trying for salmon

The colour of Lake Pukaki is even more turquoise and intense than Tekapo. It’s the glacial flour causing that and not Instagram filters.

I was so much in awe today of the canals, the lakes and the mountains. The colours of the water and size of Mt Cook. And riding along was so enjoyable. I had a grin on my face all day long.

We did a small treat restock shop in Twizel before settling in at Grant and Tashs place.

We had a awesome night with them, going out for dinner with their friends and looking around their property. Thanks so much for having us Grant and Tash.

My Cook view from their garden

Day 125 ~ Cycled: 33 km ~ Start: Twizel ~ End: Lake Ohau (km 2,495)

We’d been advised by several people to bike the Alps to Ocean track rather than the TA track on leaving Twizel. They both follow the length of Lake Ruataniwha, then the Ohau canal and river but on opposite sides. We chose to stick to the program, but did start to regret that as the track was a pretty rough ride on bikes. I’m surprised they didn’t fall apart actually.

Deer on outskirts Twizel

It was a cloudy morning and a grey barren landscape so along with the bumpy ride we weren’t finding it that enjoyable.

Lake Ruataniwha and rowing complex opposite

There were rabbits constantly scattering in all directions as we came through which was the most interesting thing.

We stopped for lunch overlooking the weir between Lake Ohau and the river as the clouds were lifting. By the time we’d finished lunch the sky was completely clear.

By then we had connected back onto the Alps to Ocean track which made it a pleasant ride around the lake.

We did a short detour through Ohau village to see the rebuilds since their devastating 2020 fire that wiped out all but 11 houses. We did also come through here last year and there were considerably more new ones now completed.

This one still to be rebuilt and burnt tree removed

Tonight we’re staying at the Ohau lodge which is about 5km off the trail. But it’s worth it for a last final good meal and bed before the next few nights in huts or our tent.

Day 124 ~ Cycled: 54 km ~ Start: Tekapo ~ End: Twizel (km 2,462)

Day 125 ~ Cycled: 33 km ~ Start: Twizel ~ End: Lake Ohau (km 2,495)

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1 Comment

Feb 26, 2022

Wow, some great cycling days there, fantastic scenery once again and showing great skills Jenny with the video on the move ! As you say, those colours are just stunning.

Good to see Grant & Tash - does he ride the horse to work ??

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