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Day 1. Cape Reinga to Twilight beach.

Woohooo today was a big success. There was a brief moment of panic after being dropped off at the extremely deserted Cape Reinga lighthouse and the realisation of the huge challenge we were undertaking. But once we started walking I was in my happy place amongst the beaches and foreign landscapes.

It’s a long way to Bluff. 1452 km as the crow flies but 3000km as the TA walkers walk.

As we were walking along Tewerahi beach we discussed whether we preferred to be the only ones starting today or if we’d rather others be around us on the same journey. We concluded the ideal would be for someone to turn up at camp after us. It would be nice to share first day experiences and progress along the way with others. And if they could arrive after us it would save any embarrassment around our inexperience with camp setup. Then five minutes later we spotted a solo set of footprints on the beach. Yay, at least one of our preferences was met.

The dunes between beaches were like a Martian landscape. The rolling green hills in the background seemed out of place.

Arriving at Twilight Beach camp we met the solo traveler - Andrew, and shared stories. Camp setup went surprisingly well (luckily) and the first homemade meal of vegetable coconut curry and rice with a side of beef jerky was delicious. Twilight camp lived up to its name.

Our tent is on the left and Andrew’s to the right.

Day 1 ~ Walked 12 km ~ Start: Cape Reinga, end: Twilight beach

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