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D-day -1

We’re on our way!! After a whirlwind few weeks of prepping, packing up the house, appointments, and farewells, it’s nice to know we just have our experiences ahead to be thinking about. Funnily enough I felt more prepared a few weeks ago. We were getting in more walks and I was in the headspace of what we were about to do. We’d been hoping to have one practice with an overnight trip but that didn’t happen. So now I suddenly feel unprepared. I suspect the nerves are really what’s behind that though.

We’re carrying our first two food supply parcels that we’ll leave in Kaitaia and kerikeri on the way up.

Hoping these clearish sky’s and beautiful sunrises continue for the next few days at least until we get used to setting up camp.

As a hangover from our previous lives of working and international travel we can still access koru club. Being here surrounded by business people busy with their important phone calls, spreadsheets and emails reminds me how grateful I am to have moved on from that life. I’m much happier planning exciting adventures. Although I am appreciating the free food now that we’re poor retirees.

We’ve made it as far as Kerikeri and relaxing having done our final shop of fresh food and gas canister. We’ve got the final 2.5 hour drive tomorrow and hope to start walking by lunchtime.

A huge thanks to all our lovely friends and family who have been wishing us well over the last few weeks and for those messaging us today. It means a lot to have your support. We will miss you all but will be back before you know it.

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